lunes, 2 de febrero de 2009


Las innovaciones son faros que se oponen el oleaje de la rutina. Marcan la senda con su luz.

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Anónimo dijo...

Get on with the "everyday swell" is not cushy.
Lechermeier and Dautremer wrote: "One day I collected on my garden the red veil of a distant princess…to whim of the winds".
Roke the video is TOUCHING. Beats of the heart are more stronger now.I supposse the people who have been seeing it, they felt themselves in the middle of the nothing (maybe alone) but truly powerful.
I'd like to tell that only the beacon can be come on for the task of the researcher.
The mundane wind crosses our lifes but the veil stays with us for the future.
The veil like those lighthouses.
Thanks a lot for remind it.
Congratulations for yourself, for your mind and attitude: for this blog.

Roke Iñaki Oruezabal dijo...

Thanks for thinking about it.